Selfish Jean

 Hat - Forever 21
Denim Shirt - Mom's Old Clothes
Dress - Thrifted
Socks - H&M
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

The title of this post came to mind when I recall a song I used to love from years ago, it's from Travis. I just watched the music video again on Youtube and it makes me smile so hard, reminds me of why I loved the song so much. 
Well I still do. You should check out their music video!

I've been wearing a lot of denim lately, and this outfit is just an easy look I came up with cause I feel like dressing as a decent girl that day. Oldie but goodie, very much like Tat.
Anyway, I got a few response on my June mixtape even though I didn't really promote it anywhere. All of them is good, fortunately. So if you haven't listened to it which I think you probably should, it's down below on my previous post.

Until next post!

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