Vintage Vibe

Thrifted Dress | Dowa Sling Bag | Dr. Martens Ashley Creepers

It's been so long since my last post, I'm sorry. 
Life has been so packed these past few weeks, it's just crazy.

I went to the flea market last week and I scored seven vintage dresses that day. 
This is one of them, I absolutely love vintage stuffs not only because of its bargain price but also because it is one of a kind.
I like to think that every piece has its own story behind it, I wonder where it has been,
what kind of person who owns it before me.

...Pisceans and their imaginations. We just can't help it. LOL

I also bought other stuffs like sweaters and scarves, which I may be using in my future outfit posts.
I love everything that is old, and I'm still figuring out why.
I wore the outfit above when I went for my chiropractic care and my doctor said I looked like a girl from the 70s that day.
Well I consider that as a compliment, Doctor. So thank you!

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