Dark Moth

LINF Top | H&M Leather Jacket | UNIF Sunglasses | Dr. Martens Ashley Creepers

I received this beautiful top from a wonderful blogger friend of mine, Liz.
It's from the new collection of her clothing line, LINF
(follow her on Instagram)

I was in the mood of getting overdressed (as I mostly do), so I put on my leather jacket and my dangling silver earrings.
And by this post I declare that my search for the perfect leather jacket has finally come to an end, 
for I already get this one with long enough sleeves to cover my super-long-arms, 
plus the addition of black zippers which in my world, is the definition of perfection.
Haha, seriously though.

Anyway, I just made new ask.fm account,
so if you have any question you can ask me on that little box on the sidebar, 
or simply click on "Ask" section below the header of this blog.
Also I've been thinking about posting monthly mixtape here.
Just a small list of my current favorite songs.

What do you think?
Let me know.


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