Wandering Limbs

Vintage Hat | ByCatch Outerwear | Custom Velvet Skirt
Dr. Martens 1460 Boots | Lowrys Farm Backpack

It's been pretty long since the last outfit post here on my blog, school has been crazy 
and I just got back from Surabaya for a family trip yesterday. 
Well of course I'm officially a 21 years old girl now! 
Time passes by so quickly one day I'll wake up with my grandchildren all over the house, haha no. 

This outfit is what I wore on the trip. Photographed by my little brother along an actual working railway, 
thank God no train passed that day or I'll be typing this from my tiny room in heaven.
Anyway, I wore the light outerwear and the hat to cover my skin from being too exposed to the sun 
while still allowed me to move around freely, which were perfect for traveling in Surabaya's hot and humid weather.
I always try to be as practical as possible when it comes to traveling.
But still, I also want to play around with my outfit, you know.
So this is basically a balance between both.

Happy Monday, Guys!

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