March Instant Films

Bought myself a new Instax camera for my birthday present, it's the Instax Mini Neo 90.
I'm so happy.
You know I've always been in love with instant films 
but my old instax camera (Fuji Instax 210) is too bulky
to carry around at anytime, and that's why the Neo 90 is perfect for me.

Below are few photos I took with the camera this month.

Left: Double exposure portrait of me
Right: Wild giant mushroom founded by my friend underneath the pine tree at our school
(approx. 12cm diameter in size)

Exceptionally beautiful sky from when I travel back to Jakarta from Bandung

The view from my hotel room when I stayed in Surabaya last week

Left: Typical over the airplane window photo, I just can't help it
Right: Accidental photograph of my mother that I took when I was figuring out my Instax camera mode 
(Love it! Accidental stuffs are always the best)
I'll probably post a further review of the Instax Mini Neo 90 here on this blog, and of course it will not be a pro review but I wanna tell you why I love this camera so much.
I'll post it soon when I already use this camera long enough to give you an objective point of view, ok.

Have a Nice Day!

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