Airport Attire 2.0

Vintage Hat & Long Cardigan | Forever 21 Shorts | Dr. Martens 1460 Boots 

This is what I wore at the airport when I went to Singapore last week.
I realized that my style revolves around my precious Dr. Martens 1460 boots. 
Starting to feel like they're my own feet. You know.
I love them because they are super comfortable indeed, plus now that they are worn out. 
And, the most important reason is that they goes well with everything. 
Literally, everything.
They also add this kind of IDGAF attitude to even the most decent outfit I've worn.
I love love love them, I'll never clean em up. 
The more they look distressed, the louder they say I Don't Give a F***. 
The more they speak what's on my mind.