90s Flower Child

 Daisy Sweatshirt: CosmicGirl | Black Belt: Somewhere in Haji Lane, Singapore 
Custom Velvet Skirt | Double Sole Sneakers: Converse | Socks: Topshop
Mr. Smile Sling Bag: Mine since I was in Kindergarten :p

I was in the mood of dressing pretty girly and childlike that day so I decided to wear the daisy sweatshirt, 
my vintage Mr. Smile sling bag (which is to die for!), 
combined with the lacy socks, and of course the velvet skirt!

Does this outfit reminds you to your childhood? 
That is one of the dozen reasons why I love 90s style so much.
Reminds me of my inner child.
And everything that goes around me at that time.
It's like time traveling, you know?
Well, if that makes sense.