Rooftop Shooting (coloured)

All pictures above were taken by Andaru Waskito using 35mm films.

Six pictures above were taken by Nyimas Laula, also using 35mm films.
Except the last one as you can see, it was me doing a mirror selfie, tee-hee.

I always have a thing for film photography, all these time only by seeing and admiring the photographs, 
the imperfections and the honesty in it. 
But I never had a chance to be involved in the process of the making until that day, and I fell much more in love with it. 
It was real fun, and the fact that we're unable to see the results straightaway makes us enjoyed the moment even more without worrying about what the results might be, and just hoped for the best.
Oh, I love it.

Even though this time I only contribute as the model, I cannot wait until the time when I finally have the courage to get my hands on the camera and do the shooting myself. :)